Notts Derby Horse Show

Something For Everyone... For All Ages & Abilities

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Show - Which May Differ from others - 2017

Why are there lots of Rules & Regulations ?  They are actually there to help you and guide you, also to ensure you have the best and safest day possible so please take the time to read them, they will answer lots of your queries, Also by entering the showground you are deemed to have read and abide by them.

Why do I need Horse Insurance ? Would you drive a car without insurance ? We have show insurance but part of this policy is to ensure competitors have their own cover. Let me make it clear this is NOT vets cover, nor does it have to be extensive or excessive, it can be a simple British Horse Society Gold or Harry Hall One Club Membership from as little as £6.00 a month, and normally comes as standard on most other policies, This is for your benefit in case your horse or pony causes accident or injury to a third party.

Why do I need to enter a class to come on the showground ? can I not just come and ride around for free and Jump the practise jump ? No you cannot I am our afraid, all our competitors pay their first aid fee and class fees which run the show, we pay to hire the ground, for our insurance and by entering you have agreed to our T & C, so to be on the ground with a horse you need to enter a class to be covered under this, You must also be booked into Working Hunter to use the practise jumpthe jump is their for the benefit of competing competitors for warming up, not for a free schooling session.

Can I take and publish online copyrighted photographers pictures from the show without purchasing them ? We take this matter very seriously, no you may not use images printed with copyright on them at any time from our shows, but if you purchase the image you may publish uncopyrighted editions, plus our photographers do sell very reasonable images to be used on facebook, we will report any images we find not abiding by this, and reserve the right to reject entries from persistant proof thiefs.

How can I save money on entry fees ? If you enter by midnight Wednesday before a show you can take advantage of discounted offers, this can be by paypal, by credit or debit card payment or by post.

What is Concours D`Elegance ? Concours is a class judged at walk and trot only, and purely on the judges perspective of elegance. It is not a fancy dress class, and attention will be made to the costume, its finish, how it looks as a whole picture to the judge, less is more, all judges change for this class, and some judges may like the brighter, bolder costumes, but at all time flesh should all be covered, hair be tidy and we prefer you ALL to wear strapped hats, though over 18`s can wear a top hat, but you wouldn?t be penalised for wearing a strapped velvet hat. The emphasis is on the elegance and finish of the exhibit.

What is Style and Appearance ? These are ridden classes split into height sections. These are not judged on conformation or type of the horse or pony, but they must be correctly turned out for the type and able to do a well schooled show. Anyone can enter these classes and gives a fair chance for all to do a ridden class not based on type and conformation.

Tack & Turnout ? Your Tack does not been to be brand new, or the best name, what it does need to be is clean and well fitting and suitable for the horse or pony. Showing generally requires brown tack, but if you are just starting out, providing your tack fits well, its colour will not matter until its time for new tack then maybe think about having brown, if you intend on showing more. Your horse or pony should be clean and tidy and turned out correctly for its type, with attention paid to the fine details, make sure your boots and stirrups are spotless, and tack cleaned properly, this can make the difference between winning and coming second.

Equitation ?

Judged on riders ability and not overall turnout, But must be in correct riding attire, to do a set show as requested by the judge with attention paid to Hands, Feet, Seat etc, Occasionally a awkward animal ridden well may gain higher riding ability marks BUT an animal misbehaving, and causing disruption, will be required to leave the class.

Turnout for type ?

In Hand ? Generally a Jacket or a waistcoat with a shirt & tie to coordinate with your pony, a Hard hat for all handlers under 16 years,  over 16yrs Hats optional, smart trousers or Jodpurs, with boots or discreet trainers/ running shoes, Gloves and a Cane. Stocks are used generally for just dressage & concours, ties are correct for all other classes 

Ridden Classes

Tack ? Any Suitable Bridle Plain Bridle and Bit, Unless stated in the class description (novice ridden, lead rein & dressage), Cut to suit the horses type, Martingales & Boots permitted in Equitation and Working Hunter Classes. Saddles to be well fitting, with a discreet saddle shaped numnah where required not a saddle cloth except for dressage where a white pad may be worn.Stocks are used generally for just dressage & concours, ties are correct for all other classes 

Ridden Hunter / Hunter Ponies/ Working Hunters  - Plain Browband, Plaited Mane, Plaited or Pulled Tail, Tweed Jackets, Tie

Riding Horse / TB ? Coloured Browband, Plaited Mane, Plaited or Pulled Tail, Tweed or Navy jacket, Tie

Show Cobs  - Plain Browband, Hogged Mane, Plaited or Pulled Tail, Tweed Jackets, Tie

Hacks - ? Coloured Browband, Plaited Mane, Plaited or Pulled Tail, Navy/ Black jacket, Tie

Sport Horses ? As per Type Turn out as hunter if hunter type or Riding Horse If not

Show Pony ? Coloured Browband, Plaited Mane, Pulled or plaited tail, Navy Jacket

Side Saddle ? As Per Type ? Navy, Black or Tweed Habit

Mountain & Moorland ? Unplaited, Trimmed as per breed society guidelines only, Tweed Jackets, Plain Browband and Tie

Coloured & Veterans ? As Per Type

Traditional Gypsy Cobs ? As per M & M in Full Hair

Part Bred ? As Per Type(show pony SHP or coloured )

Rare, Foreign & Heavy ? As per Relevant breed society rule

How do I work out the Age of My Jockey ? How Old They ACTUALLY were on 1st January In the Current Year is the Age for NDHS Classes - Regardless of if they have another Birthday DURING that year.

How Do I work out the Age of my Horse ? Now horses differ, they ALL attain a year as of 1st January in the current year,there are no half years or months in horse classes, if you are unfortunate to have a late foal - as soon as the first of January comes it becomes 1 year old ( in reality it could be 3 - 6 months but its STILL a yearling) This year to help you

Animals Born in 2019(will change to 2020 on 1st Jan 2020) ARE Foals

Animals Born in in 2018 ARE Yearlings

Animals Born in 2017 ARE 2 Year Olds


Animals Born in 2015 ARE 4 Year Olds - (will change to 2015 on 1st Jan 2019)AND MAY BE RIDDEN AT THE VENUE

My Child is 9 but is off the lead rein in classes, what age group  does she go in for Points Card Scheme ? ALL under 12 yrs NOT on the lead rein are in 12 and under, Any Child that's 9 &Under and ON the lead rein can use the tiny Tots age group

How Old is It For Lead Rein ? 9 years Except where stated on the class as some classes have a Tiny Tots section for under 5 years, but most lead rein is 9

How Old is it for First Ridden ? 12 Years and Under Except where stated on the class such as First Time First Ridden which are 10 and under but most are 12.

Do Dog Classes count towards points awards ? No

How Many Classes can I Enter ? You can enter as many as you want for what your combination fits the criteria of the class wording

Whats a Combination ? Its a Rider/ Handler and a Horse/ Pony - So Say Sammy Bloggs and Fluffy - That is a combination, If Sammy Bloggs has another Pony Sparky, Then Sammy Bloggs and Sparky are ANOTHER Combination, also if Sammys Sister Lucy Bloggs does a Class with Fluffy - That's ANOTHER combination, so the 5 Class offer is 5 Classes of the SAME combination

How can I Save Money on My Entry Fees ? Simply Pre Enter Before the Wednesday before the show and Save ££££ compared to on the day entries

Do I Pay First Aid Once or per class ? NO first aid is paid once per person per show at the rate of £2 to help cover the cost of having a trained medic onsite during class times - So you pay £2 ONCE

Will My Classes Clash ? Now this is the million dollar question and I would be very Rich if I had the answer, Sadly I do not control the weather, Also allow entries on the day and am not telepathic, so I have NO idea - What I do know is in all Unaffiliated Classes we do allow you to ring hop if needed and we also have friendly and helpful judges and stewards, Now we cant wait all day for people, and WILL NOT wait for people who cannot THEMSELVES be ready for the timetabled times, BUT if you are caught in 2 classes together - Please speak to or get a helper to speak to the ring stewards and keep them informed and we will do our best.

How Many Is in Class xxxxx ? PLEASE do NOT come and ask us this question, the booking in tent is very busy and we all work VERY hard to get the sheets out on time but with on the day entries being taken this WILL vary - All competitors at Notts Derby are entitled to a special rosette if out of the placings, so just come along and enjoy yourself and do your best without worrying how many are in a class, These will be shown on the notice board after a set time.

Can I Be Rude to Judges. Stewards or Helpers ? ON YOUR OWN HEAD BE IT, ABSOLUTLEY NOT ZERO TOLERANCE !!!!! Every Judge thinks Differently, Every Steward and Helper Comes because they want to and enjoy it. We Try our best, and rotate judges so the next shows have different ones at each show, RUDENESS OF ANY KIND WILL SEE YOU BANNED FROM NOTTS DERBY AND ALL ASSOCIATED EVENTS, so just enjoy your day and spare a little thought to the hard work that goes into bringing you these shows - because its not something we HAVE to do, we do it for your enjoyment